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Sudbury Men’s Softball (located in Sudbury, Massachusetts) is a Modified Fast pitch league established in 1965. Pitching is "strict modified" style (no slingshot).  The league is govern by ASA and is divided into 3 divisions based upon level of competition.  Two games a night are played on weekdays starting in late April and finishing with division playoffs in late August.  All games are played on fields in Sudbury.  Typically a team will play 1-2 games a week. 


Those interested in forming a new team should contact the league by the end of February to be included in the upcoming season (click here for league contacts).  Although rosters are controlled by each team, the League can offer some support for new players looking to get on a team.  March and April are the best times for individual players to contact the League.  League rules require that players be residents of Sudbury, work full time in Sudbury, or be a graduate of LSRH.  Each team is allowed three exceptions to this rule.