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SMS COVID Policy for 2022 season, based on MA guidelines: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-prevention-and-treatment
In the event of a confirmed positive covid case for a player who may have unknowingly had COVID while playing in a game, please follow our policy for this season:
  1. Team managers are responsible for reporting COVID cases to commissioners as soon as they are known.
  2. Commissioners will then inform manager of opposing team, umpires, and managers of the other game played on the night(s) that the COVID-positive player played.
  3. All players that played in either game that night are recommended to take an at home rapid test.
  4. Any player who tests positive or feels symptomatic, including the player who originally tested positive, are strongly recommended to have two negative tests or be symptom-free for five days before returning to play.
  5. Any players who may have been exposed, but test negative or do not have symptoms may continue to play future games, no time off required.
    1. ‚ÄčTemporary amendment: Until further notice, this rule is changed to: All players who are exposed (played on the same team as someone who later tested positive within two days following a game) may not play for an additional 5 days following the positive test.  In effect, this means that a team will not be able to play for ONE week after a game in which a person played who later tested positive. This applies to the team the person who tests positive plays for, but does not apply if a player from another team or an ump tests positive.
  6. Games postponed because teams are short players due to covid will be treated like rainouts and rescheduled, they are not forfeits.  Managers are responsible for informing the commissioners in a timely manner (at least 24 hours) if they think they will not be able to field 10 healthy players.

*In addition to our rules, USA Softball umps reserve the right to cancel a game if they feel it is unsafe, so timely communication is essential, because commissioners need to confirm future games with umps before they are played as scheduled.