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In the event of a confirmed positive covid case for a player who may have unknowingly had COVID while playing in a game, please follow our policy for this season:
  2. Players testing positive WILL NOT trigger cancellations this year, but players who feel ill or test positive should stay home and follow state guidelines.
  3. COVID cancellations - if you cannot field a team due to too many COVID positive cases or players who feel sick, the game will be considered for rescheduling just like a rainout.  If someone has Covid and is in close contact with their team, that should be made known to all other close contacts (opponents and umps if a player played and then found out they had covid), so they can decide how to act.
*In addition to our rules, USA Softball umps reserve the right to cancel a game if they feel it is unsafe, so timely communication is essential, because commissioners need to confirm future games with umps before they are played as scheduled.