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Effective June 20, 2022:

Sudbury Men's Softball only allows bats that are USA Softball Certified as "Single Wall" and are on the SMS Approved Bats list.  For clarity, all league-approved bats will be given a vinyl sticker which are distributed by the commissioners.


Each year, the commissioners will publish a short list of SMS Approved Bats that are widely available.

League-wide Approved Bats List for 2022 Season

Anderson 011056 Flex https://www.cheapbats.com/shop/2022-anderson-flex-slowpitch-softball-bat-end-loaded-asa-usa-usssa-011056-p-11644-c-286_88.html
DeMarini USP-22 (UPS-22) Uprising https://www.demarini.com/en-us/product/uprising-sp-2022-wbd2238#axis=76695&size=55313
DeMarini STL-22 Steel SP https://www.hq4sports.com/demarini-steel-adult-slowpitch-softball-bat-wtdxstl22.html
Easton SP21RA240 Ronin 240 1PC https://www.cheapbats.com/shop/2021-easton-ronin-240-alloy-slowpitch-softball-bat-asa-usssa-balanced-sp21ra240-p-11551-c-286_88.html
Easton SP21RA240 Ronin 240 1PC (same as above, second link for ordering) https://www.justbats.com/product/easton-ronin-12--balanced-dual-stamp-240-slow-pitch-softball-bat--sp21ra/35439/
Easton SP21RV Rival Allow https://www.justbats.com/product/easton-rival-12--loaded-dual-stamp-240-slow-pitch-softball-bat--sp21rv/35440/
Easton SP21RB Rebel https://www.cheapbats.com/shop/easton-rebel-slowpitch-softball-bat-asa-usssa-end-loaded-sp21rb-p-11549-c-286_88.html
Easton SP22MOJOL Mojo 1PC https://www.amazon.com/Easton-Slowpitch-Softball-Loaded-Approved/dp/B097BBW3QP?th=1
Easton SP21HM Hammer https://www.cheapbats.com/shop/easton-hammer-slowpitch-softball-bat-asa-usssa-balanced-sp21hm-p-11403-c-286_88.html
Worth WWCAMP Amp https://www.justbats.com/product/worth-amp-alloy-asa-usssa-slow-pitch-softball-bat--wwcamp/32462/


Additionally, teams may submit bats for league approval to the "Grandfathered Bats" list.  As long as they appear on the USA Softball Single Wall bat list, it will be approved and receive an SMS Approved Bat sticker.

To add a bat to the Grandfathered list, please check this list of USA Softball Single Wall bats, and then email the information on the bat (Manufacturer, Model, Description) to the commissioners or talk with a commissioner at a game to have the bat approved.  Once confirmed, all Grandfathered Bats will receive a sticker from the commissioners, and be added to the Grandfathered List here:

Grandfathered Bats List:

Volunteers DeMarini STL-18 Steel
Swingers Worth SBAMPX Amp
Swingers Louisville Slugger SB804 n/a (no name)
Volunteers DeMarini STL-20 Steel
Volunteers DeMarini DXWHI White Steel
Cougars Easton SP15SVS Salvo
Cougars Easton SP17RAUA Ronin
Cougars Easton SX72 Reflex
Cougars Nike HAWK SP Hawk
Pine Nuts Easton SK38 Cyclone
Pine Nuts DeMarini UPS-16 Uprising
Saints DeMarini DXUWE Ultimate Weapon
Militia DeMarini DXUWE Ultimate Weapon
Militia DeMarini STL-16 Raw Steel
Lavender Louisville Slugger n/a (letter*) TPS Z-1000
Generals Easton SP16S500 S500
Tailgators Easton SX60 Reflex
Players Easton SP16S500 S500
Players DeMarini UPS-16 Uprising
Militia DeMarini DXWHI White Steel

For reference, this list was taken from the USA Softball website: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Certified-Equipment/Equipment-Bats

Regarding any bats being labelled for "slow pitch" or "fast pitch" - SMS has confirmed with USA Softball that all bats are approved for use in Men's Modified leagues.  The slow pitch and fast pitch designations give you information about the intended use by the manufacturer, the durability of the bat, and the legality for youth leagues, but all bats on the USA Softball list are approved in Men's Modified leagues.  Reference USA Softball Rules 2022, section 3, rule 1.